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Thanks for your interest in the TAYA Lab! All information below was last updated in May 2021. 

Prospective Graduate Students

Updated May 4, 2021: Thank you for your interest in the TAYA Lab! I will announce here in August 2021 whether I will be accepting applications for the 2021-22 admissions cycle. 


Here is general info about my lab to keep in mind as you consider whether to apply: 


I began a new faculty position at the University of Delaware in June 2020. During the summer of 2020, the lab moved to UD from the University of Pittsburgh, including graduate students Annie Maheux and Savannah Roberts, and lab manager Bri Ladd. 


I only accept applications for the University of Delaware’s Clinical Science (clinical psychology) Ph.D. program. However, UD allows the option to create an individualized training plan (for example, Clinical/Developmental or Clinical/Social), which two of my grad students have done. UD’s Clinical Science program uses an apprenticeship model. This means you apply to work with a specific faculty mentor, with whom you will work closely on research projects throughout your time in grad school (roughly 5-6 years). Our Clinical Science program also offers outstanding clinical training, including an incredible match program in which students can be placed in specialized training clinics throughout Philadelphia, but we are a research-focused program. This means I very carefully evaluate applications for evidence of a clear research fit and a passion for the work we do in the lab. 


Please check out our Research Projects page to learn what we’re working on in the lab. You can also learn about the work of current grad student and post-baccalaureate trainees by visiting our Research Team page.  


If I decide to accept applications during the upcoming 2021-22 admissions cycle, and if you apply to my lab through UD's admissions process, I will review your application carefully in December/January, once I receive all applications. In reviewing applications, I conduct a holistic review. The ideal applicant to the TAYA Lab is passionate about one or more areas of our research, has substantial research experience from the college and/or post-bacc years, majored in Psychology or has otherwise pursued training/education in Psychology, and has a fundamental interest in conducting research focused on adolescents that has real-world implications and impact. An interest in sociocultural factors is very important. For example, our lab’s research focuses more on interpersonal processes (e.g., social media interactions) and cultural factors (e.g., sexual and gender minority identities) than biological processes. While we collaborate on neuroscience projects with researchers who conduct fMRI studies, that is not a core focus of the TAYA Lab’s work. To get a sense of whether the lab’s research is a good fit for you, I recommend checking out our current Research Projects page and also looking at the list of recent publications, manuscripts under review, and conference presentations on my CV. Student publications and presentations are marked by *.  


As you consider grad school options and work on your applications, I strongly recommend the professional development webpage of my own graduate school mentor, Mitch Prinstein at UNC Chapel Hill. Among many resources related to applying to grad school and careers in psychology, you’ll see a grad school application guide I wrote when I was a grad student in 2011. My lab is currently working on updating this guide and I’ll post it here soon! 


Due to the volume of messages received each year, I’ve learned that it’s unfortunately not possible for me to begin conversations with prospective students before December while being the best possible mentor to my current students. This means I won’t review application materials before full applications are submitted or schedule phone/Zoom calls with applicants before December/January -- as much as I love getting to know new students! I wish there were more hours in the day. Each admissions cycle, after I conduct a holistic review of all applications, I invite a “long list” of selected applicants to meet with me and other lab members through Zoom calls before invitations go out to a small number of applicants for UD’s official admissions weekend. This means applicants under strong consideration will have the opportunity to speak with me and other members of the lab, to hear all about our research and lab culture, to talk about my mentoring style, and to share your interests with us. If you have questions that will affect your decision about whether to apply, you’re welcome to email me at That said, please know I will read all applications in full (including CVs, transcripts, personal statements, letters of recommendation, etc.) regardless of whether you contact me ahead of time. Emailing me will not increase your chances of ultimately being offered admission to the lab. 


Good luck with your applications and take care!

Undergraduate Students

As of May 2021, we do not have any openings for paid, volunteer, or course-credit RA positions for undergraduate students (UD or non-UD) for Spring 2021 or Summer 2021. If we decide to accept applications for Fall 2021, we will announce that here. If you would like to be added to an email list of interested prospective RAs, please email, and she will email you if positions become available.

TAYA Lab in Fall 2019 when we were still at Pitt.

New photo hopefully to come soon, COVID-allowing! 

Other Employment & Volunteer Positions

As of May 2021, the TAYA Lab does not have any open paid or volunteer positions for Spring or Summer 2021. Please email TAYA lab manager Bri Ladd,, with any questions, or to be added to our email list of interested individuals, whom we will contact if positions become available. Thank you!