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Join The Lab

Thanks for your interest in the TAYA Lab! All information below was last updated in September 2019. 

Undergraduate Students

The TAYA Lab welcomes applications from Pitt students interested in volunteer and directed research positions in Psychology, at the start and end of every semester. We are currently full for the Fall 2019 semester and we are not accepting applications for volunteer or directed research students at this time. For more information on opportunities and how to apply, please visit our Pitt Directed Research page here. For any questions, please email tayalab@pitt.edu.

Prospective Graduate Students

I am excited to accept applications from prospective Ph.D. students during the 2019-2020 admissions cycle! I mentor Ph.D. students through the Developmental, Clinical, and Social Psychology programs at Pitt. 


Importantly, although my own Ph.D. is in clinical psychology and I am a licensed clinical psychologist, my research has a strong developmental focus. What does this mean for prospective students considering the TAYA Lab? I give strong preference to students who apply through the Developmental programjoint Clinical-Developmental Ph.D. program (my first-year grad student, Savannah Roberts, is enrolled in this program), or for individualized cross-training Ph.D. in Social and Developmental Psychology (my second-year grad student, Annie Maheux, designed her own curriculum for this option). While I will consider applications submitted through the Clinical program or the Social program, I am much more likely to offer interviews to students who apply through the Developmental program, joint Clinical-Developmental program, or individualized cross-training in Social and Developmental Psychology. 


If you have any questions that aren't addressed on my website or the Pitt Psychology website, you are welcome to email me at scb.1@pitt.edu. If you haven't heard back within a week, please contact my lab manager, Brianna Ladd, at tayalab@pitt.edu. You are also welcome to email Brianna if you have general questions about the lab or the application process that aren't addressed on my website or the Pitt Psychology website.


I look forward to reviewing your application! And as you think about your grad school options and begin the application process, I highly recommend the professional development webpage of my own grad school mentor, Mitch Prinstein of UNC: http://mitch.web.unc.edu/professional-development/

Other Employment & Volunteer Positions

As of September 2019, the TAYA Lab does not have any open paid or volunteer positions. We do not anticipate having openings for volunteer or paid employment in the fall of 2019.  Please email tayalab@pitt.edu with any questions. Thank you!